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Taiwan Nature Yoga Mat Material Cradle to Cradle Certified(CM)
at the basic level

March 5, 2014

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Another member of the Taiwan Cradle to Cradle Strategic Alliance, SJ Group, now can be proud of a product which is Cradle to Cradle Certified(CM) at the basic level: Taifoam Nature is a natural rubber material which can be used for yoga mats. Under the support of the Taiwan EPA all the materials and ingredients in Taifoam Nature have been assessed for their health and safety.

SJ Group has been dedicated in developing technologies of recycling and reuse for decades. The Group aims to apply recycled materials in rubber foam products to reduce the consumption of raw materials and petrochemical fillers and additives.

To carry out the Cradle to Cradle idea, SJ Group developed the brand new material TAIFOAM NATURE, a rubber foam made by natural materials. The main material of TAIFOAM NATURE is natural rubber while using rice husks to replace traditional fillers. Rice husks mitigate the odor of natural rubber and reduce the weight of the product. By using rice husks as the main agricultural byproduct in Taiwan, SJ group hopes to reduce and reuse agricultural waste. To enhance the tearing strength, the rubber foam is combined with a cotton fiber. Since the materials are all natural, it is bio-degradable and recyclable. Like other natural rubber foam products, TAIFOAM NATURE retains the excellent functional properties like good grip, traction, abrasion cushion, etc. It is suitable as a material for yoga mats, anti-slip mats, pet mats, and insoles. The great cushion it provides also makes it a good material for protectors. In the near future SJ Group aims to reach a higher certification level.

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