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TPE is thermoplastic elastomer, a high elastic and high resilient compound material. Its basic element is SBS which representing styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer.

Eco Friendly

Multiple layers

Low density foams

Do not release dust or bad ordors

Flexible, 100% recyclable, no dioxin or toxic gas generated in incineration, biodegradable, anti-slip, closed cell foam will not absorb water, washable, no addictive released, no heavy metal or toxic ingredient, no smell, good cushion, good extension, good grip, light, no smell in processing, no impact to human body, easy waste treatment, no erosion caused to the equipment. TPE is sperior in non-toxic, low pollution, environmentally friendly to PVC and is widely used in sports and fitness products.


TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer. By its name, we know it is a rubber material but with plastics reprocess capability. SBS or said styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer is its main compound material. By special cross-link technical it can be made a foam material. Its producing process rather fit the pursuit of environment and safety. In addition, when there is trimming or waste arose, it can be added in again to be reprocessed. This saves the expense of waste disposal and also can make use of the waste’s residual value so as to reduce garbage volume and to meet our forever business management concept.

About those foam materials made by PVC substance, it is because of its soft demand and a large volume of plasticizer has to be included in the recipe. Besides the likelihood of causing cancer due to plasticizer added, these plasticizers will be released to surface as the time goes. Therefore, to the end user, it is inconvenient and even endangering their health. Besides, the heavy metal stabilizer added during the processing procedure, if not under control to be within limited volume, will cause health problem.
If waste treatment of PVC is of burning, it can cause dioxin easily when it is not burned completely. These elements are having huge effect to environment and human body.

TPE foam materials outperform PVC in many respects, for example:
  Good elasticity, 100% recyclable, no dioxin found on burning, degraded naturally, good non-slip, foam body is closed cell so that not absorbing water, can be wiped clean, no additive to be released, no heavy metal contents and no toxic component, no odor, good cushion, good stretch, nonskid, light weight, no odor during processing, non-toxic to environment or to human, easy waste treatment, equipment corrosion free, no toxic air to be released (water, carbon dioxide). For TPE is non-toxic, low pollution, and with a environmental effects better the PVC, it is replacing PVC in recent years and acceptable in EU. Using temperature is between negative 30°C to positive 80°C, gravity 0.10-1.0, reprocess temperature among 100-230°C.

Thermoplastic elastomer

Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C; gravity: 0.01-1.0;
reprocessing temperature: 100°C to -230°C.

Characteristics TPE
Expansion Rate: 5~25 times
Density (g/cm³): 0.25~0.05
Tensile Strength (kg/cm): 1.5~5 (CNS 10487)
Elongation (%): 100~300 (CNS 10487)
Tearing Strength (kg/cm): 5.0~0.8 (JIS K6767)
Thermal Conductivity (Kcal/mh℃): 0.035~0.025 (CNS 10487)
25% compression Strength (kg/cm²): 2.7~5 (CNS 10487)
Compression Set (%): 3~5 (CNS 10487)
Dimensional Change on heating %: 〈 10% (CNS 10487)
Water Absorption (g/cm³): 〈 0.05 (CNS 10487)


For sporting goods, travel and leisure articles, toy and stationery, pads and seals, for cushion, for stuffing, vibration absorption, for shoes, for bags, for electrical conductance, anti-static, wave absorption usages, constructional heat insulation materials… etc.

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Yoga mats

TPE yoga mat is designed for light weight and good portability. It provides perfect softness and comfort without affecting stretch or durability. It is very suitable for soothing knees, hips, back and shoulders.

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Yoga accessories

Whether it is the application of knee pads, knee pads, tension bands, yoga balls, it shows the soft and strong material properties of TPE / TPR, and has unprecedented material properties.

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Sporting goods

Can be used for tool handles, grips, electronic materials, sports equipment, and at the same time give products a certain cushioning performance. In addition, TPR is easy to process, has good abrasion resistance, and good elasticity.