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We cooperate Ergoprene is a co-developed foam material with our partners in Japan and USA R/D departments. Utilization NANO. / micronized particles technology to reach particles’ virtual molecular and pseudo-crosslink to achieve mass production.

ERGOPRENE also named Gelprene or Gelfoam, its outstanding elasticity, supportive and cushion capability can replace Gel material when the foam hardness is controlled to zero degree. It’s based on environmental material-TPE. it is different from the previous PU gel or Silicone Gel. Ergoprene would not causes any toxic gas or pollution or injury during the process, its biodegradable and it also helps to reduce wastes problem.

Property of ERGOPRENE

Characteristics ERGOPRENE
Expansion Rate: 5~10 times
Density (g/cm³): 0.35~0.15
Tensile Strength (kg/cm): 12~1.5 (CNS 10487)
Elongation (%): 50~100 (CNS 10487)
Tearing Strength (kg/cm): 8.0~0.8 (JIS K6767)
Thermal Conductivity (Kcal/mh℃): 0.035~0.025 (CNS 10487)
25% compression Strength (kg/cm²): 2.7~0.2 (CNS 10487)
Compression Set (%): 3.5~7.5 (CNS 10487)
Dimensional Change on heating %: 〈 10% (CNS 10487)
Water Absorption (g/cm³): 〈 0.01 (CNS 10487)


A new material found in failure in research and development creates more possibilities.

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Revolutionary soft materials are like sleeping on a water bed, giving patients a more comfortable medical environment. Can be used for mattresses, protectors, chair cushions, seat cushions, etc.

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Protective gear

Soft, no hardness, shock absorption, high moldability. Can be applied to various protective equipment, including sports protective equipment, medical protective equipment.

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Sporting goods

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