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We want to direct our energy into something long-lasting.

Since the inscription of Shiuh Jiuh in 1990 till 2007, our staffs have increased from 15 to 250 in which there are about 5% having Master’s or Doctorate degrees, 25% college graduates, 60% senior high school graduates, and about 10% other school graduates; staffs’ age distribution are about 5% below 25 years old, 35% between 25~35, 50% among 35~45 and roughly about 10% above 45 years old.

Salary and welfare

Innovative thought, providing various training and educational opportunities with subsidy for further study to staffs, every employee has the priority to join in corporate newly invested businesses. There is welfare committee for employees to speak on their behalves, to work for their every benefit, and to clear promotional channel. A yearly bonus, retirement system, health inspection, excursion and party, and tea break are regularly offered; besides, there are red envelopes to wedding, giving birth, wound, sickness, and death. Employees are also with group comprehensive insurance covering employees themselves and their relatives, not to mention about the medical consultancy and many other free health checks.

Study and development

We tender employees high quality training courses in a full set including: orientation courses for new employees, professional training, technique of management development, quality assurance, safety and environment program, communication skill, seminar for executives, overseas training, and language courses simply to comply with our everlasting study philosophy.

Employees can take advantage of our in-job assistance and enjoy our corporate information and resources either inside or outside, domestic or international. This helps our team leaders, middle class chiefs, and senior executives to approach latest management methods and concepts immediately and at any time.

Position vacant:

Title: R/D specialist
Location: Chang Hua County
Education: university or above with chemical majors.
Contact information: please contact with our personnel department

For more job opening information, please visit 104 job bank.


Empower your future

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We have big plans at SJ group and even bigger dreams. We’re not only redefining the future of manufacturing – we’re redefining the future of how product made.


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