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SOFTWOOD includes 80% of recycled wood and other environmentally recycled elastomer, restructure it’s particle links and make it a foam material. Once the wood turns soft it becomes elastic. SOFTWOOD enriches your life with creativity.

Property of SOFTWOOD

Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C; gravity: 0.01-1.0;
reprocessing temperature: 100°C to -230°C.

Characteristics SOFTWOOD
Expansion Rate: 2~5 times
Density (g/cm³): 0.35~0.65
Tensile Strength (kg/cm): 1.5~5 (CNS 10487)
Elongation (%): 30~50 (CNS 10487)
Tearing Strength (kg/cm): 5.0~0.8 (JIS K6767)
Thermal Conductivity (Kcal/mh℃): 0.035~0.025 (CNS 10487)
25% compression Strength (kg/cm²): 2.7~0.2 (CNS 10487)
Compression Set (%): 3~5 (CNS 10487)
Dimensional Change on heating %: 〈 5% (CNS 10487)
Water Absorption (g/cm³): 〈 0.05 (CNS 10487)


For sporting goods, for travel and leisure articles, for toy and stationery, for pads and seals, for cushion, for stuffing, for shoes, for electrical conductance, anti-static, wave absorption usages… etc.

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The material is soft and non-slip and can be used as a non-slip mat for home use. Natural materials are non-toxic and can decompose naturally, so you can easily enjoy family life.

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Yoga mats

Can be used as a yoga mat, completely environmentally friendly, soft support, providing a comfortable touch, natural rubber non-slip characteristics, stable posture, to achieve sports goals

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Anti-vibration Pads

Soft, comfortable, shock and vibration damping can be used for people who need to stand at home, office, shop or factory for a long time, and the color can change.