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MULTIFUN applies second generation of SJ Group on non-glue adhesive high precision process; it aims to provide a material with many flexible characteristics just like a designed sole but with vibration absorption, cushion, balance, stability, nonskid, and abrasive resistance at the same time.

Before MULTIFUN, applying glue is probably the common practice of all materials; after the introduction of MULTIFUN foam material process, its flexibilities and multi-layers nonglue adhesive foam process are done at one time, which shall make customers satisfied if simplicity and environment are their concerns.

Property of MULTIFUN

Characteristics MULTIFUN
Expansion Rate: 5~25 times
Density (g/cm³): 0.25~0.05
Tensile Strength (kg/cm): 1.5~5 (CNS 10487)
Elongation (%): 100~200 (CNS 10487)
Tearing Strength (kg/cm): 5.0~0.8 (JIS K6767)
Thermal Conductivity (Kcal/mh℃): 0.035~0.025 (CNS 10487)
25% compression Strength (kg/cm²): 2.7~5 (CNS 10487)
Compression Set (%): 5~8 (CNS 10487)
Dimensional Change on heating %: 〈 10% (CNS 10487)
Water Absorption (g/cm³): 〈 0.05 (CNS 10487)


Combined with multiple layers of materials, it can be used on different sports shoe outsoles, sports slippers, and sports mat.

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Sporting shoes

Combined with materials with different soft hardness requirements, they can be used in shoes to meet different levels of sports needs.

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Yoga accessories

The combination of different soft hardness and different materials can meet the different needs of yoga lovers. It can meet the function of softer, more support, stability or anti-slip needs, they can be adjusted to achieve your goals.

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Sporting goods

Combined with different materials, it can be used in sports fields to withstand different physical properties, such as abrasion resistance, shock absorption, cushioning, resilience, stability, balance and so on.