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All Natural Design is a series of daily supply products made by natural materials. One of the main technology of SJ Group is to applying non-glue process to bind different materials together and get the specific functionality. Since we comprehend the characteristic of all kind of materials, we also devote to the technologies of replacing synthetic materials with natural materials.

Products of All Natural Design including shoes, kitchenware, stationery, green bag ..., they are all made by natural materials such as cotton, flax, bamboo and natural rubber, and the series of products are popular, especially for the people who cherish the natural resource of the earth.


Natural rubber combines different natural materials, such as cotton, linen, bamboo mats, paper crafts, etc. into products that can be completely naturally decomposed.

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Choose to use natural materials, love nature and become a earth lovers. Natural rubber combined with natural materials (such as cotton and linen) can be used for backpacks, shoes, stationery, etc., is completely natural and protects the earth.

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Natural rubber combined with bamboo, bamboo weaving, rush items, paper weaving and other natural materials can be used as floor mats, sleeping mats, non-slip mats, wall hangings, etc.