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Green Building Material

SJ Group apply different expansion rate to create different hardness which can be widely utilized in the construction materials such as floor materials, mats, rugs, paints, adhesive, and etc.

The properties of GBM include the low diffusion, ZERO pollution, Non-physiological harms and higher durability. The materials also can prevent noise efficiently and have higher water permeability, which can upgrade the quality of building.

In addition, achieving the requirement of basic safety is the primary value of SJ Group. Based on the value, we aim to keep inventing the recycled green building materials which can be recycled and reused and thereby reduce the amount of wastes.


Special building material design can be hard, lightweight, durable and waterproof; it can also be a natural and environmentally friendly household product.

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Yoga mats

TPE Yoga Mat is excellent for soothing sore knees, hips, backs and shoulders by providing the perfect level of comfort without sacrificing traction or durability.

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Building materials

Special formula design material, can be used to strengthen the wall structure, such as brick, cement pillar, wall, etc., light weight, hard, durable, waterproof, size can be produced according to requirements.

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Home accessories

The unique comprehensive material formula design makes various household materials and consumables have environmental protection characteristics, such as carpet materials, sound-absorbing materials, water-absorbing.