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The injection material can be applied as a variety of the integrally formed products according to the different physical requirements, such as, shoes, grips, seat cushions, and head covers, protective gears…etc. without additional logo or re-processing process. The compounding material is environmental and no pollution to the earth.

Our team are continuously developed, innovative and high-quality injection product, deepening injection and design technology to meet customer needs, and constantly develop new products and materials to provide various choice for customers.


The limitations of sports products have found new ways to innovate injection products. Through professionally designed formulation technology, it has created unprecedented material substitutes and is widely used in various sports products.

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Bag material

The one-piece injection molding process design creates a variety of styles by combining materials, fabrics, hook and loop, leather and other materials together. A novel bag concept, such as backpacks, handbags, side backpacks, banquet bags...etc.

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Make the one-piece design approach more imaginative. It can be flip-flops, jogging shoes, and can be used at home or outdoors. By designing different formulas to create diversified shoes, it can meet the functional requirements.

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Sporting goods

The variability of the injection brings different materials and feels to sports products, such as grip tubes, protective gear, headwear, knee pads, massage rollers, massage balls ...