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JELLY is a new product developed by SJ GROUP, this thermoplastic rubber is developed from TPU/TPR system to create totally new compound product. The material is not only waterproof, also anti-slip, but also wear resistant by producing with non-foaming principle.

Jelly material as the surface can be combined with natural rubber or TPE materials as the bottom for anything related to anti- slip products, like carpets, yoga mats, bike tapes, bags…etc.)


New formula material with high abrasion resistance, non-slip and waterproof function, can be widely used in various sports products.

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Sport mat

Stretch mats before and after exercise, with high abrasion resistance and non-slip resistance, can combine different materials to achieve the desired function

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Bicycle mat

Can be used as a home exercise or anti-fouling bicycle mat to reduce noise pollution, stable and non-slip, easy to clean.

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Sporting goods

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