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Cradle to cradle recycle material

SJ GROUP holds a spirit of “Pay zero and get more, useless becomes endless” to create Cradle to Cradle technology. The main ideas are for reborn and recreate the garbage which can not be recycled. Using the limited resources create and effective became an endless product life circle.


As we know, the compound material is very difficult to recycle. For example, a pair of sport shoes include following materials: fabric, foam material of PU/ PVC/PP/SBR/CR/EVA, metal, plastic, rubber base, cardboard, silicone, lots of different grade of glue…etc. Summing up to more over than 20 compound materials in pair of sport shoes. Some of them can be recycling such as metal, fabric…etc, but others cannot be recycled are totally garbage.


Recycling is not just an item required by the government. We recycle materials in order to recycle industrial waste on site into new products.

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DIY floor mat

Recycled materials do not require physical properties and are most suitable for the production of floor mat materials. Can be used for carpet substrate, floor mat substrate, floor tile substrate, wood board substrate, etc.

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Sporting accessories

Recycled materials are used in sports products. Recycled materials can be customized according to customer needs, such as the proportion and softness of recycled materials. Can be yoga mats, exercise mats, yoga bricks, yoga massage roller, etc.

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Computer accessories

Mouse pads have more than 20 years of production experience in adding recycled materials. Addition ratio can be from 20% to 100% recycled material as required.